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Skype is one of the most widely used messengers in the world. It`s a software that makes calls anywhere in the world via the Internet using a mechanism called VoIP (voice over IP). You can have secure audio conversations, video conferencing or exchange text messages and all this for free, computer to computer. Skype also has the ability to make calls to land or mobile telephone lines at costs much lower than those offered by traditional telecom operators.

It`s useful and saves us money.

Anyone can have access to this service, except in certain areas of the world such as the Middle East where Internet censorship is very high. This affects all the local population, but even more the expatriates away from their country of origin that want to call home at a reasonable price.

Take the example of Qatar. Qtel, the state-owned monopoly on Internet related services is strictly monitored by ictQatar, an organization that controls Telecom Services in the country. To prevent access to sites deemed offensive Qtel uses Internet filters that block certain websites or VoIP applications like Skype. And the rules are strict: “If one lives in Qatar one must respect the rules” said Qtel.

Etisalat, the telecommunications carrier and Internet Service Provider in United Arab Emirates has also resorted to filtering Internet content, denying its users access to web sites containing “controversial” material and blocking all VoIP communication. Users get a page stating that access to the content is denied because its nature is violating “the religious, cultural, political, and moral values of UAE”. Etisalat holds, however, the monopoly on Telecom and Internet… Funny is it not?

Omantel, the first telecommunications company in Oman, is the main Internet Services Provider for the country.  Omantel works closely with the Sultanate of Oman to filter Internet content deemed inappropriate and since 2009 they have been blocking Skype. The government of Oman owns a 70% share in Omantel. Same story and the list can go on…

If you are in one of these countries where the high censorship on free access to information and communication prevents you from contacting your family or friends and makes you pay dearly for the few possibilities of communication, you need a service to escape this monopoly and unblock the VoIP communication that will allow you cheap international calls, like Skype.

One such service is provided by High Speed VPN, one of the best VPN Service Providers available. With this service you can unblock all Internet restrictions, and even more no one can find out what you are doing online, for High Speed VPN ensures anonymity in terms of your IP (as it is replaced) and protection from “cyber-spies” as the content of information flowing while you are online is fully encrypted.

You can now unblock Skype and speak freely, in private, with anyone and anywhere, without any fear.

Feel free to call cheap.

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